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Yaoi Help Anyone?

Anyone know of any good Yaoi Animes? Maybe along the lines of hardcore? I have Sensitive Pornograph, Blue Wolves, My Sexual Harassment, Kizuna, Samurai Fantasy (Parody). There were some Gifs I saw that looked like they were from an anime. One guy all bondaged up with a little black shirt on and little black underwear and some other dude rubbing over him here and there. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this anime? HELP PLEASE! Or any of good suggestions. Thanks! ^_^



Hi guys~ some of you may or may not know….i made 2 Chrom mouse pads purely out of fun….and i really enjoyed the process…

BUT GOOD THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED~so… i have planned to do a giveaway~!

And as you can see from the photos the material is pretty soft so yeah…@u@ squish or imaginary squish away~!

How To Enter:

1.) Like+Reblog this post

2.)Please only onereblog for each person

3.)Ask boxes should be open so i can contact the winner

Winners will be drawn on 3rd of June~!

Good luck~ and may the best person win Chrom’s ass @3@

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